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 LaCloche Foothills Chamber of Commerce will represent Espanola, Sable-Spanish, Baldwin, Nairn and Hyman all of which is located in the LaCloche Foothills within the heart of Rainbow Country




 Sable-Spanish River


 Nairn and Hyman




Business Connections to Each Other

Your Chamber of Commerce provides many opportunities to connect with each other as business people. You may make a contact or a sale as a result of a Chamber event, publication or committee involvement.

Mission Statement

With the Regions brightest thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs we will create an active and responsive Chamber, to promote, represent and enhance all aspects of the business community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be widely recognized as the leading advocate for business in the LaCloche Foothills region and a proven catalyst of positive enhancement and change for our members and the community at large.


  • A primary focus on serving member needs
  • Recognition of the importance of volunteers, staff and partners
  • Integrity, open communications and responsiveness
  • Respect for our historical roots while being a catalyst for growth in the communities
  • Commitment to supporting and strengthening a healthy entrepreneurial community
  • Respect for the confidentiality and privacy of information in our possession